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Style Tips for 2020’s Western Trend

March 6, 2022

Although “Old Town Road” was all over the place last summer, it wasn’t the only part of the yeehaw wave that swept the country. Cowboy boots, prairie skirts, and fringe were seen on the runways, walkways, and Instagram feeds in 2019. Many celebrities, like Gigi Hadid, who graced the cover of Vogue with her family’s farm and pigtails, and Ciara, who popularized the yeehaw. Ciara, who brought the yeehaw to Cannes, wore a hat on her family’s farm. As we enter a new decade, the phrase “new year, new me” has become a rallying cry. When it comes to fashion, the western aesthetic is alive and well. Americana-inspired textiles, patterns, and designs continue to evolve over time. What was it like in the Wild West in 2020? What follows is our prediction for how the western look will be worn in 2019.

Modernized Classics

Designers, on the other hand, will put new spins on classic western mainstays like cowboy boots, wide-brimmed hats, and fringed coats. Gigi Hadid uncommonly combined a couple of distinct styles to make her tie-dye boots. Modernize the look by using bright colors, going space cowboy with metallics, or upgrading textures with matte or silk. Cattle Call Onstage, the rapper sported everything from pink chaps to rhinestone-encrusted 10-gallon hats. Cardi B, on the other hand, managed to nail one trend: cow print. If you’re not quite ready for a full-on cow-print outfit, opt for an accessory like a pocketbook or a pair of fuzzy mules.

Western Workwear

According to a new poll, millennials are rethinking what it means to be “work-appropriate,” wearing jeans and shoes on days other than Casual Friday. For evening clothing, power suits and blazers are becoming more popular than T-shirts in the boardroom. Even New Year’s Eve is becoming more of a planned event for these women. Solange Knowles’ all-black combination or Kendall Jenner’s understated approach with baby blue cowboy boots are excellent examples of how to add a western twist to your favorite power suit.

Biker Vibes

You can’t go western without fringe, leather, and boots, all of which pay homage to the traditional biker style. Bella Hadid wore Alexander Wang leather-paneled suede pants with square-toed boots and a cross necklace for a Hells Angels-inspired look at the Vogue Fashion Festival 2019. For a night out, you might wear a huge antique Harley-Davidson shirt with leather skinny jeans and shoes, or a bohemian dress with motorcycle boots.

On the Prairie

If the steel-toed boots, leather jackets, and stiff shapes of western fashion seem excessively macho to you, try a prairie dress. In the warmer months, a flowing top with ruffles, tiers, or a high collar is a great way to channel Americana. Elle Fanning accessorized hers with white cowboy boots, a loose top-knot, and rose-colored sunglasses for a romantic look.