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Cowboy Style Returns To Fashion In The Western Trend

March 7, 2022

The outlaw avatars in HBO’s Westworld and Red Dead Redemption 2 illustrate that cowboys are enjoying a revival. There is even a Stetson galloping down catwalks, a nod to the western aesthetic popularized by the fashion industry. The yeehaw, rhinestoned splendor of cowboy boots stomps across fashion week simultaneously. When it comes to snakeskin, supermodel Luka Sabbat is the go-to girl. Cowboys have long drawn designers, and it’s not only Ralph Lauren’s double denim that we’re talking about here. Rockabilly was heavily influenced by Hollywood cowboys’ strutting ways in the 1950s. The Counter-Cultural Movement adopted a ruffled fringed suede version of a vintage western buckskin jacket in the 1960s and 1970s. The Browns’ menswear buyer, Lee Goldup, says it’s a micro-trend that “continues to return in various forms season after season.” Calvin Klein’s aesthetic has been dominated by Raf Simons’ shirting, double denim, and cowboy boots for the last few seasons. “At Saint Laurent, he maintains this look with wide-collared cropped jackets, checkered shirts, and narrow-fitting pearl snaps.”

How To Wear It

Some people may be baffled by how they can wear cowboy boots and a red neckerchief without going to a kid’s party or dressing up as Woody from Toy Story. But don’t be put off by the idea of dressing up. This western look has less to do with dressing up and more to do with the fashion industry’s need for rugged workwear that exudes Americana. Consider corduroy, shearling, and suede for your next work outfit. Take it gently, cowboy. This isn’t a buffalo hunt. Add a basic shirt or an item to your everyday wardrobe to avoid your coworkers asking if you’re rocking the cowboy style this month. The weekend dressing calls for denim, corduroy, or check shirt style similar to what you’d wear in the West. An authentic western shirt will include an embroidered flower or two in its chest pocket as well as the front and back yokes, both of which will be embellished with piped trim. The yoke can be seen in the breast pockets on occasion. The fact that you’re wearing leather chaps doesn’t give the impression that you’re a member all-male stripe cabaret. Light-wash denim is a significantly better choice for jeans than black slim-fitting jeans, which can assist balance out a louder western shirt’s excess. So, unless you like the look of soaking wet denim bottoms, please stay away from the bootcut.

The Western Jacket

For a more dramatic look, pair your western outfit with a snakeskin jacket, as worn by Nicholas Cage in David Lynch’s epic Americana film Wild at heart. All-black uniforms, as worn by Cage, let the jacket be the star of the show, while the vivid red collar provides a chewing-gum vibe. Choose a desert suede variant if you want a jacket that looks like it belongs to a cowboy or Native American. In the event that you get your jacket wet, the fringes will aid in drying time. Nowadays, as long as something isn’t absurd, it’s acceptable to do the fringe. If you wear them on your sleeve, will they get into your food? Probably. As a result, don’t do anything. Solitary, the sand suede has a really Western vibe. Trim the jacket just above the waist for a more modern look, and make sure it cinches at the waist.