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Why are dogs burying stuff?

December 25, 2021

If you give your dog a treat, he will beg for a reward and then hide it in his couch coats or bury it in the garden. Do you have a hard time understanding this behavior? It’s the norm for many dogs, so why bury them? If your dog is harvesting, find out why and what you can do about it by continuing to read!

Why Do Dogs Bury Things?

Several factors might be at play when it comes to your dog’s burying habits. Here are a few common explanations for dog behavior.

Hereditary Instinct

What is the purpose of burying things in the yard for dogs? It happens rather frequently simply as a result of the fact that they’re predisposed to do so. They have a natural inclination that they received from their ancestors. To preserve and safeguard a prized find from other scavengers, hunters and scavengers alike bury the food’s remnants after harvesting it. Even though domesticated dogs may get their food on time and not have to save it for later, instinct tells us that this is not the case.


Even though all dogs have an innate predisposition, it appears to be more pronounced in dogs explicitly bred to hunt small animals. Dachshund, beagle, and basset hound roofs are common targets for terriers and other tiny members of a hog pack that dig and hide things. These dogs were specifically bred to retain their natural hunting abilities, including the need to hold onto their “caught.”

Anxiety or Possessiveness

Dogs usually find comfort in digging. Insecure people may dig and enter things to relieve their worry. Toys may be hidden in a multi-dog home by dogs that perceive them as competition for food and other resources. This is accurate, particularly about little canines such as Chihuahuas, which have a natural aversion to larger animals. Have a little puppy? You may be able to explain why there are treatments, chewing toys, and kibble fragments all over the place.


This may help to explain why dogs bury and conceal their food, but what about other people’s property? Your dog may have been hiding your stuff in an attempt to grab your attention since you’re bored. It’s a delight to dig around through your things and have a little fun with them.

Curbing the Impulse to Bury Things

The American Kennel Club warns that if your dog buries food or toys all the time, it may be too much. Make sure you don’t overfeed your dog and don’t let them save any food they think they’ll need for a future meal. Also, instead of playing with their toys, they should try to restrict and spin the number of toys they can reach at once if they bury them. Having a dog can also help to minimize the desire to dig, as well as the urge to steal and cover up your belongings regularly.