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March 7, 2022

Just a little about me if you care to read it, If not skip it. ; I’m not a writer so bear with me please,   I was born and raised on a farm and a ranch both about fifty miles apart, both in the Rocky Mountain range,  the farm in a large mountain valley at about 6000 feet  in elevation and the ranch in a higher mountain canyon more like 8000 to 12,000 elevation depending on where your riding or standing. When I graduated High School I went to work for a logging outfit clear cutting power line right of ways over the mountains from one state to the next Wyoming and Idaho,  luckily I was in pretty tough and in good shape.  not long after that  I was invited to spend some time with the United States Army during the Viet Nam fiasco, another bump in the road of life.  So choosing not to make a career out of the military I made a career in the lumber and building material business where I was transferred all around the country big cities to small towns I just wanted to get back to my roots, back to the high mountain valleys and the small towns.   .. So what am I doing here? One of the small towns I grew up in had a church, a gas station, and a small store with the local post office inside and the store was called the mercantile.  There was always a good feeling going to the mercantile it was quite small with old wooden floors and high wooden shelves,  where you could not only find food, supplies, clothing items, tools for ranching, tac for horses along with some medical supplies for not only people but animals too.  There was always a warm feeling there it’s where one would run into your neighbors everybody knew everyone by name, you were always able to catch up on the local news (gossip I guess one would say).  You would almost always leave the mercantile with a smile on your face and a good feeling in your soul. My goal with this website is to hopefully instill the feeling of the old merc. into everyone that enters this site that you all may hopefully learn some new things that I will try to share that may make life a little easier and hopefully some of you all will have some helpful things to share also.  Let just make it a fun place to shop for all your needs even though I do like to promote all western things and share our simple way of life. I will try to have all things available for everyone’s taste.
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