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Style-appropriate Holiday Decor Ideas: Western

March 9, 2022

Every year, when the boxes of bells, snow globes, garlands, and mistletoe are brought out, all of this rearrangement takes place, and everything needs to be placed back where it belongs. It’d be better to display it alongside your seasonal treasures this year than store it away for the following year. While seasonal decorations are nice, they should not be your only focus for holiday decorating. We’ve put together a living room design for you that’s equal parts festive and elegant using some of our favorite 2019 trends (think soft winter neutrals, Southwestern patterns, and warm bursts of burnt orange).     Read on and construct your own merry and colorful wish list for more information on the handcrafted items that bring this serene haven to life. Any winter setting has a blazing fire in the middle, but it does not have to be decorated in red and green to draw people in. To make a beautiful mantels cape that’s still Santa-friendly, use wonderland ornaments in a variety of ivory and cream. What do you want your tabletop exhibit to be known for? A handwoven wool wreath in a single white tone adds warmth and depth to the design. A neat row of black or blue mudcloth stockings (each inscribed with the name of a family member) and a pair of earthy, speckled ceramic candlesticks and reclaimed wood planters will assist in maintaining the natural aspect of the home. Solid pine plant stands and a sturdy firewood rack provide elegance and utility to the room year-round. As long as there are presents beneath the tree, your guests won’t be distracted by a cobalt wall blanket. Wrapping your gift with eucalyptus leaves and thin stripes is a lovely approach to make your present stand out. The “evergreen” is simple to assemble and environmentally beneficial because it has a streamlined hardwood construction. It also makes a stunning ornament display. If you want a more subtle nod to the Southwest, decorate the branches with laser-cut cacti. Finally, hang hand-painted light bulbs depicting antelopes, jackrabbits, and bighorn sheep to complete the look. Are you prepared to enjoy your efforts outside of the flames of a fire? A gentle, non-prickly touch may be achieved by layering desert sunset-toned throw pillows and succulents. If you have pets, don’t forget to purchase them a coordinating mud cloth bed (or give her a daily nap). Take off your shoes, put on a warm wool blanket, and prepare for a long, blissful cuddling season. Listed below are our picks for the best Christmas decorations for this year.:
  1. Station with Free Hot Chocolate 
This kitchen island centerpiece has all the hot chocolate fixin’ you’ll need to be warm and comfortable this Christmas season in both design and function.
  1. Mason jars filled with holiday cheer 
Mason jars are a traditional choice for storing Christmas treats. Then, just stuff them with red berries and pine sprigs for an immediate festive display and hang them up.
  1. Decorative Sheepskin Rugs and Pillows 
It’s now the season for all things warm and inviting! Whether draped over chairs or placed on the floor, sheepskin throws and rugs instantly add coziness to any space.
  1. Have a Merry Little Christmas for Yourself 
String lights have never looked so good. You can change the color of these brilliant LED Christmas lights to (literally) any other hue you like using your phone. Custom designs may be made as well, and they can be arranged in any way you choose. The effect is stunning whether they’re draped across a tree or strung along with a balcony. Use the Twinkly Music Dongle to make your lights dance along with the beat of your music.
  1. Stocking Hangers with Candy Cane Decal 
As well as being delicious candies, these candy canes serve as stocking hangers and festive home accents.