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Clingy Cats: What should I do with a Velcro Cat

February 24, 2022

Have you got a cat from Velcro? You undoubtedly have a clingy cat on your hands if your cat adheres to you like Velcro. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on certain things, including the reasons why your cat is clinging. Some cat owners find any cat with a dog’s behavior more clinging to it than cats more independent and distant, such as following you around the house, racing to welcome you when you return home, or being more loving. But some cats can stick to a poor degree. How can the distinction be made? Continue to read to learn.

Cleanliness signs in cats

  • Track you to the restroom, everywhere.
  • You want to be on you when you sit or lie down continually.
  • Take your attention continually.
  • A demanding attachment while you attempt to concentrate on anything else.
  • Don’t eat if you don’t have it.
  • Take a timid look and stay close when people approach.
  • was Sulking or hiding or stroking your legs to try to keep you there if you are ready to go.
  • When you go back home, I’m too delighted.
  • Elimination of additional harmful activity beyond the litter box.

Why are some cats sweet?

Certain cat breeds, such as Siamese and Abyssinian noted for their clinging dispositions, are clings by nature. In other situations, however, clinginess may indicate something with the kitten; it is thus necessary to be careful about what this behavior may cause. One or more of the reasons that follow might be behind the attachment of your kitten.


Bitbucket suggests that your cat may just be clinging because they do not have enough physical and mental stimulation. Pauses to play with your cat and interactive toys that help keep them busy and fun all day long can assist.

Premature Weaning and Separation states Kittens can develop anxiety over separation because they are too weaned early or taken from their moms and littermates before they are ready. Kittens generally shift about eight weeks of age from mother’s milk to solid food. However, adoption might hinder children from learning vital social skills from their mothers and siblings, which they can establish to be more secure and autonomous as adults after they are weaned.


Cats are regular, and any changes in their routines or environment might make them unsafe and reassure you. Significant changes like moving to a new house, adding or losing another animal or family member, and children are returning to school after a long holiday might suffice for your kitten to need regular contact assurance. Newly rescued cats may require much reassurance that in their new home, they are desired and accepted.

Wanting to Provide Comfort

Cats are susceptible to human emotions and moods. You may feel that your kitten is experiencing a difficult time and would like to be there to soothe you.

Pregnant Pet Parent

Some cats have an extraordinary capacity to feel when a woman’s pregnancy is exceptionally loving, reports It’s a mystery exactly how a cat can tell you that a baby is on the way, but if you wait, don’t be shocked when your kitten wants to get up with the cuddle.